O Transmission é Simples, leve e muito rápido, sem dúvida um dos melhores programas de Bittorrent. É escrito em C o que torna este programa muito leve, tem sistema completo de encriptação, protecção de IP’s e funciona em várias plataformas tais como Web, Terminal, GTK+, Qt Gui e Mac, é o cliente nativo do Ubuntu Linux e está disponível para várias distribuições GNU Linux. É também usado em sistema Embedded como por exemplo o famoso FONERA, sistema ReadyNAS entre muitos outros.

Application Changes

  • Add support for magnet links
  • Add support for trackerless torrents
  • Add .part to incomplete files’ filenames
  • Find more peers by announcing to each tier in a torrent’s tracker list, rather than only one
  • Redesigned trackers inspector tab with favicons and copy-paste functionality (paste lists of multiple trackers)
  • Message log stores all messages and does real filtering
  • Quick Look restored on Snow Leopard
  • Moving data and incomplete folder are now handled by libtransmission
  • Improved reveal in Finder functionality on Snow Leopard
  • Fix vulnerability from maliciously-crafted torrent files that could overwrite other files
  • Improved IPv6 support
  • Improved PEX sharing with other peers
  • Faster management of large peer lists
  • DHT improvements to bootstrapping and IPv6
  • Newly-added torrents without local data don’t wait in the “Verify Local Data” queue anymore
  • Add an OS hint to not cache local data during torrent verification
  • Use less CPU when making encrypted handshakes to peers
  • Better filtering of bad IP addresses
  • Fix bug that could crash Transmission on shutdown
  • Fix bug that could unpause or repause a torrent on startup
  • When uploading, improve disk IO performance by prefetching the data in batches
  • Other small bug fixes, improvements, and interface tweaks
  • German and Simplified Chinese localizations
  • Removed Turkish localization because of lack of localizer



1.82 Changes

  • The 1.81 announce did not contain the port number

1.81 Changes

  • Fix 1.80 bug that misparsed some magnet links
  • Fix 1.80 bug that caused startup to be very sluggish for some people
  • Fix dragging URLs onto the dock icon
  • Fix auto-grouping by file name


1.83 Changes

  • Fix 1.80 announce error that caused uploads and downloads to periodically freeze
  • Fix 1.80 announce timeout error that caused “no response from tracker” message
  • Fix 1.80 “file not found” error message that stopped some torrents
  • Fix 1.80 crash when receiving invalid request messages from peers
  • Fix 1.82 error when updating the blocklist

For a full list of 1.83 changes, click here.



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