AppleStore Down

Ao que parece, todas as Apple Stores online europeias estão down. Será apenas manutenção ou estará a Apple a preparar alguma surpresa?

Esperemos por novidades… 😛


Comentário de um empregado da Apple no TUAW:

There aren’t any new products. Changes were made to take effect today for the shopping cart. If you mouse over the cart up top you can now see the items in the cart without going to the shopping cart. In addition, you can now save items instead of an entire cart using your apple id. Saved carts can also be renamed with whatever you like. Saved cart numbers changed from W11111111 to SC1111111. Also when items are in your cart you can enter your zip code to see what the total would be with tax as well as different shipping methods. You also now have the option of showing estimated delivery dates if you were to place an order without actually entering your payment info. I work for apple cust svc, we were trained on this last week.



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