O responsável pelo projecto GParted-LiveCD anunciou o abandono do projecto por falta de tempo disponível. Este projecto fica agora em stand-by, até aparecer alguém com tempo para o manter.

Dear you all, It is about 6 months since I carried on maintaining the GParted-LiveCD, and I tried to do my best to built and update it. Unfortunalty, I have definitly no time left to to continue this work ! Some of you may know that I am a catholic monk, and my life let me very few time for this interesting but delicate work. Either I find a new live maintainer, either no release will be done before ages. Anyway users may use the Parted Magic livecd built by Patrick Werner who maintained the first GParted livecd (See Parted Magic Site for more details. As a consequence, bugs won’t be fixed either. Thanks to Dennis German, a new wiki doc is online. See Wiki Doc. My best regards to all of you who gave me time or tips to fix that and that. I really appreciated it. Best wishes to all 🙂 Larry



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